Saturday, August 2, 2008

A Birthday to Remember (hopefully)

It is not our routine to make visits to the stadiums for whatever occasions. My last visit to the stadium was about three or four years ago when I brought Junior to an almost empty National Stadium to watch a Pestabola Merdeka football match between Malaysia and Myanmar.

Myanmar was luckier than Malaysia as they managed to have more spectators cheering them on, most of whom were Myanmarese nationals residing in the country (along with several other nationals staying here in huge numbers e.g. Indonesians, Nepalese, Bangladeshis and Vietnamese). So I guess, whenever the stadiums needs spectators, the organisers could just arrange for matches involving these countries to be held as the locals have been shunning the stadiums for quite some time now.

But it was different earlier this week. We were at the ecstatic stadium for two consecutive evenings. First on Monday evening and next on Tuesday evening. On Monday it was quarter filled but on Tuesday it was three quarter filled. The crowd was large enough to form rounds of Mexican waves and Mexican waves we did for round and rounds during the half time break.

Yes, we were at the Shah Alam Stadium for the Chelsea's friendly match with Malaysia, the last leg of their Asian Tour 2008. The match was on Tuesday evening but on Monday, there was this training session where fans (with passes) were allowed to get into the stadium to watch the team train.

Junior has been a Chelsea fan ever since he started to love football. He has his room decorated with posters of Chelsea's stars and he had even bought an original Chelsea jersey using his own savings.

So when the news that Chelsea would be coming to Malaysia broke out, I guessed he must have silently wished that his parents would get him a ticket to see his much admired stars in action in front of his own eyes.

Incidentally, two days prior to the match was his 14th birthday. So what greater birthday present could there be if not a ticket to the Chelsea vs Malaysia match! So a ticket he got to get, and I, having the privilege of being his papa, got to go with him as well.
To junior, Happy Birthday. I surely hope that you have enjoyed yourself. I love you son.

Jasni AJ

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