Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bang! You're hit!

You must be worried sick looking at this wrecked car.

And you must be more worried if I were to tell you that this was the car that had actually hit us a week ago. Yes, we got ourselves involved in a motorcar accident last 4th July while we're on our way home en route into the Kota Kemuning township to pick up some medications from our family clinic.

There were Mrs. J, J Jr. I and me in the car. It was J Jr. I's home weekend and along the way we were talking about plans to coincide his forthcoming 14th Birthday.

Upon reaching the junction into the Clinic's street, I look up the road and thought it was safe for me to turn into the street. Turned I did, and before I realise anything, the car was hit by an on-coming car, as fast and as hard as anyone could have.

And as a result, you can see for yourself the damage it had done to the car.

Luckily for us, besides no one was hurt, our car did not suffer the extend of damage as endured by the car that hit us.

Well, we did rushed J Jr. I to the nearest clinic , the clinic that we had wanted to drop by in the first place, and subsequently to the ER of SJMC as he got his head swelled to an "extraordinary" size. Goodness gracious, the x-rays and scans detected no injuries other than the ordinary swelling outside the skull. The swollen forehead is still apparent until now, though the size has significantly reduced. But his face is still not like his normal face as he looks more like a raccoon now, you know, with black circle around the eyes.

The doctor says that it would probably take a week more for all the bumps and black marks to disappear eventually.

And due to the accident he was on Medical leave for the past week and shortly later I'll be sending him back to his hostel to resume his hostelite life.

As for the car, well it was towed to a workshop somewhere in Subang Permai, a place that till today I'm yet to pop up to see the progress they have made on the car.

I was told that I would still have to wait for some three weeks for the car to be fully repaired.

It shall be a long wait, but wait we shall do. What other choice do we have right?
So, in the meantime, "Berhati-hatilah di Jalanraya".

Jasni AJ

A Night in the Woods

It is not an everyday experience to be at a such scenic place pictured here. Most of the time, day in and day out,we would be busily commuting back and forth the office, either by getting caught in traffic jams or caught in a packed LRT coach, everywhere seeing people rushing to their respective destinations, all within the all too familiar everyday and daily view.

But yesterday was different. I was at this place. Enjoying the beautiful and picturesque view of nature, the calmness, the soothing sounds of the river flow, the chirping sounds of the birds and not forgetting the other cranky "noises" produced by the various insects.
I was glad to take up the offer to drop by and spend a night at the Mind Development Camp organised for the Hostelites of Victoria Institution, in particularly for the First and Second Formers.

I checked in at the camp at 8.30 last night together with my son who was not able to participate in the programme fully due to the fact that he was still on Medical Leave.

Undoubtedly, it was a packed programme all right as the boys were presented with almost round the clock programmes from matters pertaining to discipline, grooming, purpose in life, swot analysis, case studies and the all encompassing appreciation of religious values.
But it was definitely not a purely all serious affair solely as the boys were given the space to enjoy themselves while absorbing all the stuff they're supposed to absorb.

They had barbecue .....
... "water polo" and other recreational activities throughout their 3 days 2 nights stay.

But last night, it was a long and spiritual night indeed. The night was filled with a "Qiyamullail" programme, a programme that started at the wee hour of 4.30 a.m. Lectures on the religious perspectives were held, followed by the enchanting of "zikir" , performing of "solat hajat", "solat taubat", "solat witir" before ending it with "solat subuh".

All these took place at a place called The Woods Resort, a place near Ulu Yam, Selangor. It is actually a stone-throw away from the ever busy and bustling city of Kuala Lumpur and it is located along the Batu Caves - Ulu Yam route that passes through another scenic location, the Batu Dam.

The place is currently closed to public but once reopened, there are about 20 chalets available for rental at a most attractive rate of RM100 a night. Each chalet can accommodate 5 occupants. Those not interested to spend the nights in the chalet can also just pay RM2 per head to gain access to the premise and have a picnic within the compound of the resort.

We (my son & me) left the place this morning after breakfast, and I am really looking forward to revisit this place with the whole family once it reopens to the public. And I think you should too. See you there!

Jasni AJ