Saturday, October 11, 2008

Malaysian Maladies - Part 2

Without me realising, it has more than a month since I last update the blog.

I thought nobody cares until I met someone last weekend during a "kenduri" I attended who asked why was it that I have not been updating it. It seems that he has been following the blog closely and finds the blog rather "interesting" to him.

I was naturally glad that I do actually have a following among the surfers. Oh what a wonderful feeling.

So, to keep up with the "obligation" of keeping alive one's blog, I present you the second part of Malaysian Maladies. All these pictures were taken during our "balik kampung" journey early last month.

Rubbish everywhere! We were flat dwellers ourself before moving to our current residence but I never come across a flat that was so dirty everytime I paid a visit there. This particular flat is at Batu Lanchang, Penang.

So used to the dirty environment, the kids in the picture does not seem to mind the dirty environment and find it absolutely all right to them to play futsal.
Park Anywhere! Malaysians in general have no qualms to park their vehicle anywhere, so long that it is convenient to them.

This picture was taken at the junction of Jones Road, George Town and proves the point that we can actually park anywhere, including at the junction of a road.
Emergency Lane, what's that? During our journey back home from Penang during the raya holidays, seeing fellow motorist overtaking obedient drivers via the Emergency lane was part and parcel of the balik kampung scene. Why queue, just "potong" from the left. Everybody does it, one's must be silly to follow the traffic rules. Traffic rules are there to be observed only when there are policemen around.