Sunday, August 24, 2008

Psycho-maniac Streaker on the Prowl

Saturday, 23rd August was perhaps my busiest day. Visits to three police stations were made. First, the Berjaya Park Police Beat; second the Section 15 Police Station; and third, the Section 11 Police Station.

All these visits were made in relation to our lodgement of a police report over an incident involving two consecutive nights that scared our domestic helper.
It all started last Thursday night when the maid was awakened by a stranger at 4.00 am. Showing a sign not to make any noise, the maid chased him away and ran to the family hall instead. She thought that would be her last encounter with the stranger but she was wrong. The next night, this time at a much earlier time, at 12.30 pm to be exact, the same stranger broke a glass panel and tried to reach her who was sleeping on the bed placed right next to the window.

This time, instead of just asking her to keep quite, the stranger was bolder as he was completely naked. With one hand reaching out to her, the other hand was holding the penis in arousal.

This time, the maid didn't just run away but she screamed for help. I was upstairs watching a Kopratasa's performance over Prima and upon hearing her scream, dashed down and yell to the intruder. He ran and within minutes, group of security guards and concern neighbours were at the backlane to render assistance.

The intruder was no where to be detected but I strongly believe he must be somewhere near. Hopefully by lodging the report the security guards and the police could intensify their patrolling to detect any suspicious man and eventually capture the psycho-maniac person.
So here's the broken window .......
and the shattered glass panel.

To my neighbours, please be on the alert and light up the back lane. (Actually, our back lane was brightly litted, making it easier for the person to ran away!)

Jasni AJ


hoshee said...

the perils of house extension al the way back to the fence-line.. :)

Jasni AJ said...

A peril indeed Hoshee. Thanks for dropping by.

Jasni AJ