Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Swing Story

So where will the votes be swinging to this 26th August 2008? Can the act of swearing in the name of Allah by Saiful and Najib able to swing voters over to BN? Will voters be swinging to BN just because the petrol price suddenly got reduced by 15 sen? Will there be 31 BN Members of Parliaments be swinging over to Pakatan Rakyat come 16th September 2008?

We will only be getting the answers to these boiling questions as early as a couple of days from now while the rest on 16th September.

But despite all that uncertainties, the JF Bunch has for certain got a new Swing! Made of Chengai wood, this new swing of ours is basically "home-made", not by me, but by Zali, a friend of ours. Produced out of hobby, this carpentry lover has produced all sorts of furniture for both indoor and outdoor applications.

So amazed with his skills, we just asked one day on whether he would produced a swing for us. And as you have guessed, he gladly took up the assignment and got it installed at the patio last weekend.
And now, and for the last few days, it is the swing where most of us spent time at, all other furniture are somehow went out of favour instantly!

I know I tried to sell my neighbour's house before (without success), but I wonder whether I can at least sell swings. Let me know. If any of you are interested in getting a new, nice and solid swing, send me an e-mail. I'll contact you and would give the details of the passionate carpenter.

Let's Swing.

Jasni AJ

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