Sunday, August 10, 2008

Forever waiting!

Work in progress
It has been more than a month now since we had that freak accident. And since then, the car has been and still is in the workshop for repairs.

Initially thought that it will just be about three weeks to get the car back, taking into consideration of the usual processes of insurance claims etc etc,it has now gone far beyond my expectation.

Not satisfied with the slow pace of things, I tried to find out what is dragging the matter and believe it or not, it's all due to huge discrepancy between the workshop's estimates and the adjuster's report. To the workshop, they need RM25,000 to repair the "small" dent along with the replacement of several other parts. To the adjuster, most of the proposed parts replacements can just be repaired. So in the end, the Insurance is only offering RM10,000 for the repairs to be done and up till the time I'm writing this entry, the offer is still pending acceptance.

So the waiting game is still on. I wonder when I'll be getting back the car. One thing for sure, I've lost the NCD and come end August I would have to renew its insurance again with the full undiscounted premium.

I really now look forward for the RM 650 government subsidy as I would really need the money!

Jasni AJ


AZRA said...

I feel you, Jasni. I'm still waiting for my car. 2 more weeks to go!

Jasni AJ said...

You pun tak dapat balik kereta lagi ke?

Tapi you ada kapal terbang, tak terasalah sangat.

Anyway, I enjoyed reading your Bali post. Keep it up. You're such a good writer.

Jasni AJ