Saturday, February 16, 2008

Election Fever and Unfair Campaignings

Though election campaigns are yet to start formally but parties interested in the election have actually started them up by utilising the various mediums.

While the Police insist on political parties apply for Police Permits for any election campaigns, that rule does not seem to be applicable to personalities linked to the "previously" ruling party. Why I say "previously" is simply because they are no longer the ruling party ever since the parliament got dissolved. At least this is what I understand by the effect of a parliament dissolution taught by my lecturers back in college those days.

There is an article in The Star today that reaffirmed my understanding on the matter written by Datuk Dr. Rais Yatim. In his article, currently there are no more Yang Berhormats except for those holding positions in the Federal and the various States Caretaker Government.

Dr. Shad Faruqi made a comparison between the practice in Malaysia and those in India and Bangladesh. If at all Malaysia follows the systems implemented in India and Bangladesh, we would be almost be certain not to be forced to listen to "official" propagandas over radio & tv that overly and unshamely making unveiled but direct campaigns for the "previous" ruling government.

Not enough with the super advantage, other platforms are also being used unshamely too. Today, at a PTA Annual General Meeting of a school near my home, the VIP guest turned the event into a BN Election campaign and started to discredit the proposed programmes of the other competing party (namely BA) especially on the "Welfare State" ideology.

While the Police are saying that any election campaign needed a Police Permit, these "official" campaigns can simply be held without one and worst, by making use of government machinery and infrastructure for free.

And this practice is not confined to the local politicians but being the practice of those high ups especially by the No. 1, 2, 3 and so forth. The No. 2 was in Kelantan yesterday, what was he doing there if not campaigning with the new catchword "Tahun Merawat Kelantan" just to redicule the State Government's "Tahun Melawat Kelantan".

I am not against BN or support opposition parties. I don't believe the guys in the oppositon parties can do a better job than the ones in BN. But I'm against unfair practice. The more unfair practices I see, the more turn off I get and this will definately cost those practicing the unfair practices of my valuable votes, one for the parliamentary seat and the other, the state seat.

At the last 11th General Election, I helped arrange for BN candidates to meet the voters at my "Taman" after a hugely turnout PAS meet the voters event was held. But I'm not so sure if I would want to get myself involve this time around as I think BN do not really need of such event as they have the TV and Radio to do the job for them.

I also (with a couple of other friends)hang the BN string small flags along the major roads and junctions at our Taman for free. That's how much I want to make sure that the Taman would not be branded as an opposition's base though there are no branches of any political parties in our small Taman.

Actually, I like it better this way, at least we are more genuinely united, without the political alliances breaking us up.

How I wish the new government that is to be formed after the General Election, which is most probably will continue to be held by the BN, consist of Ministers and MPs who are genuinely working for the interest of the rakyat in mind and not self interest superseeding anything else and besides that no more puppetry judiciary as what it is perceived now.

We'll look forward for this 8th of March 2008. Incidently, we are starting our vacation on that day with a flight to catch at 1.30 noon. So it look like we would have to rush to Wangsa Maju early that morning (as my wife is a registered voter at Wangsa Maju) and quickly get back here to cast my votes for the Sri Muda (State) and Kota Raja (Federal) constituencies.

Happy Voting All.

Jasni AJ

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