Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Warded and Discharged

Getting ready to be transported to the Ward Room If only less than a month ago, she was the happiest 11 years old kid, blowing candles and getting birthday presents, it was the opposite last weekend when she was vomiting and crying in pain coupled with having a high fever.

Feared of having an appendix problem and as advised by the GP whom we consulted earlier in the day, we brought our only daughter to SJMC (Subang Jaya Medical Centre)for further checks. Though the MO at the Emergency Unit who attended to her was pretty sure that it was probably not due to an appendix problem based on the preliminary blood and urine tests, she was admitted nevertheless, basically for further observations and checks.

So there she was, at SJMC for the past two days. And so thus the Mother, staying by her side on a lazy chair.

Fortunately, SJMC provides free Wi-Fi facilities, so the Mother can just continue doing her work online and from the Hospital.

Thank God, there was nothing serious, just some infections that had disturbed her body systems. She was almost back to normal last night and this afternoon, she was discharged accordingly. Thank you to all the Medical team at SJMC for the great care given to our daughter.

In the Ward Room
Incidentally, this is my first time using the Prudential Medical Card for admitting her. In fact, this is the very first time of using the Medical Card as none of us had been admitted to ward ever since we took up the Medical Insurance policies (from none other than my brother, Jazlan) Though I'm yet to know whether I would still need to pay anything, as she was allowed to be discharged without settling the bill (though they still have my deposit credit card charge slip with them), getting things done via insurance medical policy seems to be very smooth. I'm glad that we had made the decision to take up medical insurance policies for everyone in the family. I would be more than glad if it is confirmed that I would not need to pay anything later.

And so tomorrow, everything will be back to normal, the daughter will be going back to school and both the parents can go to work uninterrupted.

Jasni AJ

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