Sunday, December 30, 2007

Remembering those who had left us behind

If at the other weblog, I posted pictures of the newly completed mausoleum of Nurin Jazlin's, on this weblog I'm posting the picture of my mum's mausoleum.

Both of them are not far apart, my mum is sharing the same burial grounds as Nurin does. So now, whenever we visit the burial ground, we would have two spots to visit and recite the Al Fatihah at.

My mum passed away some 9 nine ago on 9th August 1998. Wow, 9 years... how fast time flies.

Her passing away was a day that I could not never forget. She is the one person that I have always looked up to, admired and love.

She left us too early, even before the grandchildren could had the opportunity to really know her.

My eldest son was only four while my daughter was only two when she left us. They are so unlucky for not being able to get to know their "great" grandmother better.

Oh Mak, "Semoga Allah Mencucuri Rahmatnya Kepada Mu Sentiasa".

Jasni AJ

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