Monday, December 31, 2007

Eating Out : Pizza vs Satay

Eating out has always been our favourite pastime. Whenever we learn of of any new and interesting places, we would definitely set our foot there too. Now, having our own family blog, I think it would be a great idea to start our own version of Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan by documenting all the places that we had visited. Not only visitors will get some tips on where to dine out whenever they're in town, we would also give our own family rating on the food served, so that you'll know what and what not to order.

To kick start our new column for the New Year, we give the honour to Pizza vs Satay. Located at Taipan USJ, the current premise is rather new as it was operating from a different location at the other side of Taipan USJ before. The new place is relatively remote in comparison to its previous site where even finding a parking space could always be considered a miracle by itself.

At the new location, parking is ample and the place is emm.... more serene. Pizza vs Satay is famous for delicacies of both the west and the east. With English setting as the theme of the outlet, you will find the place as very cosy, relaxing and simply nice. Price wise, their prices are really reasonable as suggested by the advertisement posted here. For those not familiar with the Malaysian Currency, RM 6.90 (Pronounced as Six Ringgit and Ninety Sen) is approximately 1 British Pound or 2 US Dollars or 3 Sing/Aust Dollars. That's how cheap their set lunch is! I'm sure for those based out of Malaysia, it is already mouth watering even by the temptation of the very good pricing, isn't it?

Soothing background music is played at all times and while waiting for your orders to be delivered you can always admire the extensive collection of classic posters all over the wall. So what did we had the other night there ? Well, we ordered three main dishes. The following are the food we had and our collective family rating for each type of food.

Two sets of Chicken Satay. Rating : 4 out of 5, While the meat is marinated quite differently from what we used to taste, the nut gravy was exceptionally nice and tasty.
A plate of Spaghetti Bolognese. Used to taste better Spaghetti elsewhere. Rating : 3.5 out of 5 bowl of Laksa Johor. Have tasted better Laksa Johor elsewhere. Rating 3 out of 5.

Till the next posting, keep on visiting to get to know of more places to dine out.

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Let's Jalan-Jalan Cari Makan.
Jasni AJ

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Lang said...


Alamak, cerita pasal makan ni tak pandai sangatla. Sebab saya kurang berminat makan that kind of food. But always bring my kidz to fastfood type restaurant. Anak2 berminat makan style moden ni. Kalau pergi pon saya biasanya just take drink; ada juga makan tapi bak kata P.Ramlee Kadang-kadang, Jarang-jarang.

Tapi kalau nak bandingkan antara Pizza dengan Satay, Pizza much more better, coz of the variety of taste and alot of ingredient compared to satay. Satay, kalau kuahnya OK, boleh jugak telang banyak; itu pon kena pastikan dagingnya tidak liat.

Itu je kot. Pasal makan ni memang kurang arif. Wasalam.