Thursday, December 20, 2007

About Birthdays and Domestic Tourism

A couple of days ago, we were at my brother's place (not Jazimin's but Jazlan's). We were there to join in the fun in the celebration of his 38th birthday. Nothing fancy, just a get-together among friends.

With "Pulut Kuning" replacing the traditional Birthday Cake, we sang "Allah Selamatkan kamu" song, a song popilarised by the late P. Ramlee along with the more traditional Happy Birthday song when cutting the "Pulut Kuning".

Not having sufficient time to buy him a birthday gift, I ended up setting-up a new weblog for the Jazlan family as my birthday present. Isn't it just cute to have your weblog born on your birthday!

I'm sure he has lots of plans for the weblog (judging from the extra length entry of the write-up on "About me"), so I would like to invite you over to his new weblog from time to time.

The first entry is basically an introduction to the family. The pictures posted are really nice compared to mine which were all taken using only a phone camera!

Talking about birthdays, we also had our own birthday celebration earlier last week. It was my daughter's 11th birthday.

To celebrate her birthday in not the usual way, we packed our luggage bags and headed to Kuala Selangor. It was not that far but as we took the longer route there, it really felt quite far far away.

The main attraction of Kuala Selangor is the Fireflies Haven. Heard about the place about three years ago (thanks to TNB's Raya TV Commercial), that was our first time witnessing another natural wonder. It was really awesome sight seeing the naturally lit "christmas" trees all along the river bank of Sungai Selangor.

There were more foreign tourists than locals at that special place. Can't blame the locals though as most of them are still not aware of this spectacular place. Visit here to get more information on the Fireflies haven and make it a point to pay it a visit soon.

Bukit Malawati is another attraction of Kuala Selangor. Be there to visit the interesting museums, the historical canons, the grand Lighthouse and our "cousins" the primates.

Spending a night there was indeed a well spent excursion to remember the daughter's 11th birthday by.

As today is Hari Raya Aidil Adha, again we're packing up our luggage bags - we're not going far but just to a place where we can just relax and recuperate for the next two nights.

See you then.

Jasni AJ


MaryKate said...

send my birthday wishes to your daughter, she's a year older than my oldest. They grow real fast dont they, it seems like just a few months ago when they were toddlers watching Barneys and now into High School Musicals, and very soon teenagers, then my nighmares will probably start. Your brother has a detailed "about me", so I am sure he'll have loads to write. As for the firefly, never been there but will soon, I am sure it will be interesting especially for the kids.

Lang said...

Happy belted birthday to your daughter..

Thanks for visiting the place that i was brought up and schooling. It still nice and peace place to visit.

Thank you very much.. may Allah bless all of you.

Jasni AJ said...

Thanks Marykate, Thanks Lang for the best wishes.

Just got back from our "vacation", will think of something to write here.

As for the fireflies haven, I really recommend for you to pay it a visit, it's realy awesome.

It is best to visit the place during "dry" season.

See you soon.

Jasni AJ