Monday, May 12, 2008

He's now a Datuk?

As I mentioned in my last posting yesterday, I thought of calling my Sarawakian friends, Haron and Radzali today just to say "hi" and keep myself updated with their latest stories.

Well, I managed to get hold of Haron and apparently he is now in KL, just arrived from Kuching for an interview, i.e. an interview for a promotion.

Right after the interview tomorrow, he would be flying back to Kuching right away.

I wanted to see him tonight but we settled for a short meet-up after his interview tomorrow instead to catch up with old times.

We chatted and in our short conversation, I came to learn of an unexpected breaking news! It seems that another one of my Sarawakian friend, Othman, is now a Datuk! Not "Datuk" the grandfather, but the honorary Datukship title bestowed by the Sarawak State Government.

Datuk Othman & Me, 27 years ago
Wow, Datuk Othman. That's great news. He must be doing exceptionally well to deserve it. Though, I still can't really verify the news but if it's true it is truly an honour to have known a Datuk, 27 years before!

And if indeed Othman is now a Datuk, then he would be the second Datuk from among our peers to get such title after Azalina.

Datuk Azalina, 24 years ago
You may wonder which Azalina I'm referring to, well, it's Datuk Azalina Othman Said, our new Tourism Minister. When in college, we all know her as the Tae Kwon-do Black Belt Master, the iron lady who was both "physically" and "oratory" strong. I guess, the Ministership she's now holding is by no accident but rather reserved for her.

Perhaps I could now start a series on my old buddies tracking them up on where they are now. So stay tune to read more of all the people whom I once knew.

By the way, Haron is indeed a "Datuk" too as I have guessed earlier. He's now a proud grandfather of one. I think No. 2 is now fast approaching.

Jasni AJ

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