Friday, June 27, 2008

Everyone's Related

A few weeks back I got an invite from my brother, who in turn got an invite from our cousin, to join his family tree created though Geni.

It is a very interesting and user friendly system provided free by which I think is useful for everyone to get to record your roots, trees and even forests as the family tree is expandable to cover almost everyone within your family circle that includes the family of ones spouse and family of the spouse's spouse.

Try it out and I'm sure you'll be excited as I was (and still am) for the past weeks inputing all relatives whom I know. The best part of Geni is that you can invite any your relatives and get them to update as well making it an never ending lines family ties.

I'm now introduced to new relatives, not really new though as they have been there all these while without me knowing that they are actually my relatives. How sad, isn't it?

Before Geni, one of my granduncle attempted to produce a family tree book, during a time when computer was not around. Every page was type-written. I had the book somewhere but I just could not find it anywhere. Thanks to Geni, the family tree can now grow again.

Jasni AJ

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