Friday, April 11, 2008

I now solemnly promise .............

With the Malaysian education system continue to place a high emphasis on examinations, even at the primary level, exam taking school children will surely have a tough time from now till the last day of their respective examinations.

Among the thousands of the school children taking the various level of public examinations this year is my daughter. She will be sitting for her UPSR, the Primary School Assessment Test for Year 6 pupils.

In ensuring that the pupils and the school are well prepared for the examination, various schools have came up with various programmes to kick start the "excellence" campaign.

My daughter's school, for instance, which has started extra classes for the Year 6 pupils since the beginning of the year, had on last week organised a special meet the parents session where parents were briefed on what to expect and how to prepare their children taking their first ever major public examination.

A special event was also slated where children were made to make their solemn pledge that they will strive for their very best with their parents bearing witness.

Everyone is taking the UPSR exam seriously as eventhough the exam is officially called a "Test" but in spirit it really is an "Examination" without a doubt.

To most parents, this is the exam that would determine whether their kids would be eligible to enter the boarding schools or the premier schools, the type of schools that every parents dream they could send their kids to.

As for me, it is not really important whether my daughter would be eligible for boarding school or premier school admission but I do have to admit that for the first time in their life, this would be their first ever encounter to the word "serious" and serious is what they have to be in facing their first ever challenge.

Whether it is justifiable for such strain is still debatable but one thing for sure, the children are not really competing their own race solely as a lot them are actually proxies to their respective parents.

Is it really worth to be super excellent? Reading about Sufiah makes me think twice!

Jasni AJ

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