Saturday, March 29, 2008

From Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok : Tales of Day 6

There were still more of Bangkok yet to be discovered and today we started the day by paying a visit to the the complex of Vimanmek Palaces.

Consisting of various palaces and mansions, previously homes the Thai royalties, these extravagant palaces and mansions are now converted to become the exhibition venues of various antiquities, each mansion specialising on one theme, from collection of the king's personally taken photographs to the king's collection of watches and clocks, firearms, china wares and porcelains, carriages, royal attires etc etc etc.

The grandest of all would be the 90 over rooms of Vimanmek Mansion, once home to King Chulalongkorn of which half of them are now accessible to the public to ogle.

Stepping into the Atana Samakom or The Throne Hall was simply a breathtaking experience. Largely influenced by the Roman architecture, the Throne Hall was definitely a place not to be missed by any visitors to Bangkok.

It is unfortunate that no photographs were allowed to be taken inside the place as all that I depend on now is only the memory of it as what was registered and continue to be registered in the mind solely.
After spending almost half a day at the Vimanmek Complex, we headed next to Thewet Flower Market. The Market, lining up stalls selling flowers and potted plants was a good place to admire the beautiful tropical flowers and plants, all of which were of excellent quality.

The Flower Market was the last in our itinerary for our Bangkok's excursion as later in the day would be time for us to head home. So right after the last meal at another Halal Restaurant around Petchaburi, we then got a taxi to take us the Bangkok's grand new airport Suvarnabhumi Airport.

If this was how the first cab looked like when we started our journey 6 days ago, ...... ... this was how the cab we took to head to the Airport looked like. Noticed the boot that just could not be closed? Why and How, I'm sure you can can figure it yourself!

And our luggage had to be checked-in through a different channel, the Oversize Baggage Check-in Facility instead of the normal checking in at the check-in counter.

Kuala Lumpur was calling, and from this notice, calling for the "last time". Bon Voyage Bangkok, Hello Kuala Lumpur. Till we meet again, the fond memories of Bangkok would definitely be registered in the mind for a long time to come.

For the visitors of the blog, thank you for sharing our experience, I sincerely hope that for those who have never been to Bangkok would have at least seen and felt Bangkok through the reading of the 6 part series of our experience and for those who had been there, I hope your own fond memories of Bangkok would be recollected and relived.

Jasni AJ


M.KATE said...

jasni...wah, banyak shopping ni, anyway glad you had a gala time there and now you are the pro on thailand :)

Jasni AJ said...

Well Marykate, I don't think I'm qualified to be called a "pro", but you're right, we did had a gala time there.

Thanks for continuously dropping by. If you noticed, you're the sole soul who would drop a line or two upon visiting.

Thanks, I'll be listing your "french" blog as my "blogging friends". Just found another one just now, so there'll be the two of you for the time being.


AZRA said...

Hi there Jasni,

How ever did u find my page?? Hehe.. You guys seem to have lots of fun in Bangkok.

Anyways, thanks for visiting my blog. My regards to the Mrs. and Happy Belated 45th Birthday!!! :D


M.KATE said...

Hi again..i think the 'frenchie' name not so suitable, it sounded cool when i started it, maybe should look for another local version since i've got so many visitors popping over, and forgot lah, HAPPY BIRTHDAY 45 is just the beginning..happy blogging too